Hazardous Waste

What is Hazardous Waste? Hazardous waste is essentially waste that contains hazardous properties that may render it harmful to human health or the Environment.

The European Commission has issued a Directive on the controlled management of such waste (91/689/EEC). Hazardous waste is defined on the basis of a list, the European Waste Catalogue, drawn up under that directive. To help determine if your waste is hazardous or not, consult the Environment Agency's guidance document WM2 or phone us for advice.

Our facility in Atherstone is one of the few permitted Hazardous waste transfer facilities in the UK. Various types of hazardous waste can be disposed safely by us through this facility.

Such as:

  • Bespoke disposal of chemical waste
  • Disposal of 205 litre drum & IBC waste
  • Controlled drug disposal
  • Tanker waste services
  • Industrial cleaning & jetting services
  • Destruction of explosives
  • Destruction of gas cylinders
  • Waste Electric & Electronic Equipment Recycling

Our commitment for our customers to reach the holy grail of Zero Waste to Landfill is one of the fundamental objectives that underpins our thoughts and processes here at briers. We have invested heavily in eco-positive technologies so that we can ensure our customers are firmly on the path towards zero landfill and sustainable waste management. Our unique Material Recycling Facility at Amington, Tamworth allows us to capture as much of the recyclable material as possible from the general waste stream, meaning that only the true, non-recyclable element is sent to our partner waste to energy technology plant. Here at briers, we feel this process is 'Best Practice' in sustainable waste management terms and passes on impeccable green credentials to our customers. With doing this gives our customers a guarantee that their non hazardous waste is recycled in some way or another.
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